The Bush/Cheney Apologists

In America shaves it's "Bush", Bush/Cheney Administration, Iraq War, search for personal satisfaction, stupidity on January 20, 2009 by Editor Z

Above is my favorite Bush idiotic moment. And no Nelson Mandela is not dead!

I know the long eight year nightmare of Bush/Cheney is over, but here are just a few of the absurdities from their defenders, who are about as ridiculous as flat earthers. Nevertheless that 29% or so sure have a huge man crush.

Here from powerline HT: Andrew Sullivan, is that Bush’s focus was on policy and not politics. They defend him so much that they seem to basically be saying he was a just the innocent stupid guy who happened to have the job when he inherited all these disasters, poor Bushie.

Bush’s great failing was that his focus was almost exclusively on policy, and he was unwilling to pay adequate attention to politics. This failing manifested itself repeatedly throughout his term in office. With hindsight, the beginning of the end for Bush was his unwillingness to defend himself when he was attacked for the “sixteen words” in his State of the Union address–words that were indisputably true. The same thing happened after Hurricane Katrina, the event that got his second term off on the wrong foot. In truth, the federal response to Katrina was both the largest and the fastest response to any natural disaster in world history. Yet Bush was never willing to stand up to his critics and make the case in his own defense.

Ummm.. Attorney firings and patronage in government and civil service positions that aren’t supposed to be political positions? How much more partisan can you get?

Here’s a laugh from pajama’s media:

President Bush is a leader of uncommon moral vision and clarity of national purpose.

Does that “moral vision” include the frivolous and senseless invasion of a country under false pretenses that cost over 4,000 U.S troops their lives, warantless wiretapping, and waterboarding?

Now granted, the next excerpt is from an analysis by “Blogs for victory” (formerly known as Blogs for Bush) Bush’s AIDS initiative that is by many standards one of his few successes, but I think calling Bush a compassionate man because he chose to launch an invasion of Iraq because he basically felt the pain of Iraqis, is more then a bit of a stretch.

Did you catch that, liberals? “First African woman president”…not fostered by Bill Clinton, Obama or any other “I feel your pain” or “hope-n-change” liberal, but fostered by a conservative, Christian who sees it as his moral duty to try and help the less fortunate – and not help by putting a bumper sticker on the Volvo or sending a donation to Obama, but helping by actually doing things for people. You liberals throw an aluminum can in the recycling bin and think you’ve done a good deed…well, there are far better deeds you could be doing, if you’d leave off the hate, ask for faith and start to love a bit.

The very same faith in God and love for fellow man which motivated President Bush to go out on a limb for Africa motivated him to go out on a limb for the people of Afghanistan, and the people of Iraq. There isn’t Good Bush and Evil Bush, dividing the President’s time…no, its all just President George W. Bush. While he was doing this you were calling him a war criminal, saying that he lied and people died, saying that he was doing this for oil, or just because he was cruel and/or stupid. I’m sorry to have to say this to you, my dear liberals, but you have acted the part of fool for 8 years, and wicked fool at that.

Finally here is a comedic note on the matter from Saturday Night Live:



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