Some Thoughts on the Transition of Power

In President Barack Obama, U.S History, U.S Presidents on January 21, 2009 by Editor Z


Picture from the Associated Press.

Well its official as of today at noon Eastern time, Barack H Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States and Joesph R Biden Jr as the new Vice President of the United States, amidst the blustery chill of January, the roar of millions that stretched from the pearly white broad staircase of the nation’s capitol to the monument that bares the name of America’s father George Washington, as well as the watchful eyes and ears of the world. His Inagural address was eloquent as always and meant to call Americans to action in a time of economic hardship, war, and low national confidence; as well as extend a hand to all corners of the world.

His predecessor the now former President George W Bush now leaves office according to Gallup polling with some of the lowest numbers of any President in the history of public polling,leaving behind a nation’s spirit and economy in devastating shape. Bush’s few remaining supporters (such as JR Dunn at the so-called “American Thinker”) that are sparse in terms of numbers even in Bush’s own party,scorn his critics and make him out to be a saint, a martyr to the cause of neoconservatism. Because after eight years of rapidly growing executive authority, secrecy, cover-ups, patronage, a war based on a faulty justification and distorted intelligence, a prominent city once rich with culture known as New Orleans, an economic implosion, a disdain for the public, and the casual use of torture and illegal means done under the auspices of protecting the so-called homeland; why be so angry?

In the end Bush has not met the measure of a great President and has met all the measures of a disaster; he has left the public and the system in government poorer, more demoralized, and more decimated than when he ascended to that high office and history and the world at least in the short term will look upon him unkindly.

On the opposite side, Barack Obama is now entering office with one of the highest levels of popularity of nearly any President in the History of polling, with many challenges to surmount and a series of national and global crises awaiting him. Does this mean he will be a great President, or that he won’t make errors or possibly have his own share of petty and sordid dealings? No. Polling numbers are just that and are not always accurate in painting the more complex feelings and climate of the American public and anything can happen once a new leader takes power. But at least following eight years we have a chance to at least function as a Government that full fills instead of shirks its global obligations and the business of those who the constitution and government serve; We the People.


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