Neocons: Iraq War is Obama’s Fault?

In America shaves it's "Bush", Bush/Cheney Administration, Chattering classes/punditry, neoconservatives on January 23, 2009 by Editor Z

After the Wall Street Journal opined that George W Bush is so unpopular because he is so brilliant in his execution of the surge, neoconservative writer Michael Goldfarb says that failure in Iraq could be Obama’s legacy.

The result is that Obama has inherited victory in Iraq. Bush has done more than, as McGurn quotes Biden in early 2007, “keep it from totally collapsing…[until he could] hand it off to the next guy.” Now rather than retreat in defeat, our new president must manage to withdraw American troops without undermining their success. It will be a tremendous challenge, but the press will not be able to blame Bush if security deteriorates in Iraq after Obama gives the Joint Chiefs their “new mission.” The victory in Iraq is Obama’s to lose.

Instability in Iraq seems to be a given if one looks at the history. The country is made up of Sunni, Shia, and Kurd as well as others clashing to be the one who charts the course for Iraq and gains power over the country as a whole.In the end this war is the creation and execution of the Bush/Cheney administration and the neoconservatives. Why? Was it Oil? Did they think that as long as they attacked one country in the region they would be viewed as fighting terror? Was it to gain a power base in the region? Personal revenge on George W’s part? Or maybe an academic exercises in geopolitics and military in the mold of old school colonialism gone awry for the U.S. I don’t know.

The truth is that before this war was ever waged, Obama came to the conclusion that the plurality of Americans have reached, that this has been a misguided and unnecessary venture that has been to the detriment of the United States and countless lives. Six years of shoddy planning and stupidity in the ranks of the former administration are not the fault of an administration whose war, he (Obama) has inherited, and for what all Americans have suffered for in terms of lives, commerce,and global prestige.



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