In assasination, Films/Film stars, Movie reviews, U.S History on January 25, 2009 by Editor Z

This past week and the 2008 election as a whole galvanized people who usually are overlooked or uninspired. Despite the economic hardships, the war, and other matters; now President Obama was an unconventional candidate offering an alternative in a time when faith in our government and institutions was on the decline.

However Obama was far from the first political candidate. American History is chalk full of such figures. One of course was Sen. Robert F Kennedy (D-NY)who ran on a platform to end an unjust war and heal the wounds of poverty and division in a time of great discord and confusion, a quest that ended abruptly and far too soon. The 2006 film Bobby, written starring and directed by Emilio Estevez documents what fateful night at the Ambassador Hotel when Kennedy was assassinated and a thousand dreams were dashed, through the eyes and stories of various fictional characters and what Senator Kennedy’s candidacy meant to them.

The interlocking stories include: two elderly doormen reminiscing about old times, the Hotel manager surreptitiously having an affair with an attractive telephone operator, a bigoted kitchen manager on the last night of his job, a kitchen staff of Latinos and African Americans trying to find themselves and a place for themselves in modern America, a drunk washed up singer and her manager husband, two campaign workers who ditch the campaign trail for a good time and a beautiful waitress, a married couple who realize their is more to life than materialism, and a young girl willing to marry a young classmate to keep him from being drafted into the Vietnam war.

This film is highly underrated in my opinion and well it may sound crowded it fits well together and shows both the upheaval of the times and how we are all linked in the bond of a common brotherhood.


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