CA Court Rules; Christian Schools can Expel students Who are Percieved as Gay

In Gay Rights, legal issues/law/courts, Sex, stupidity on January 28, 2009 by Editor Z

Watch out girls who hold hands or guys who share the occasional manly hug, if you “seem” gay and go to a Christian Private school you could be expelled. Don’t people like this have anything better to do then fan the flames of sexual witch hunts? Who cares who loves who as long as they don’t hurt anybody. And is there really a way short of an admission by a person themselves or catching them in an overtly sexual act that proves someone is gay? Note to everyone Religion is about more than just sex and asking ourselves “Who would Jesus sleep with?”

If some Christians who are constantly bloviating about sex, invested just half the energy speaking out against racism, invading other countries, tending to the ill, mending broken spirits, and helping the impoverished; the world would be a better place. I know not all Christians subscribe to this narrow minded drivel, but there are many loud voices who do.

A California appeals court ruled Monday that a Christian high school can expel students perceived to be lesbians, upholding a 2008 lower court ruling that there were “no triable” elements to the case.

The 4th District Court of Appeal in Riverside on Monday upheld California Lutheran High School’s right as a private, religious organization to exclude students based on sexual orientation. The ruling was released late Tuesday.

The two 16-year-old girls sued the school for expelling them on the basis of a “bond of intimacy” “characteristic of a lesbian relationship,” under a California discrimination law.

H/T: Raw Story



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