Liz and Dick

In Bush/Cheney Administration, civil rights, legal issues/law/courts, neoconservatives on January 31, 2009 by Editor Z

Liz Cheney, the daughter of the Big Dick and a former Middle East diplomat with the state Department early in the Bush/Cheney administration (we all know that did us a hell of alot of good) published a thesis on Executive power in War Time. uncovered it, and the legal, constitutional, and autocratic mindset that has become a hallmark of her father’s co-administration is spelled out clearly. It is the “Unitary Executive theory” of governing that is purported to have permeated the minds of those in Cheney’s office as Vice-President. Bottom line in a time of war the President should have unchecked and unlimited power and it should be Congress that accepts the responsibility for any and all mistakes.

News Liz they have tried these types of power amassing with leaders, they are governments though that usually have either monarchical or a totalitarian structure of government.

From beginning to end, it’s clear that Cheney looks upon the model of the powerful executive approvingly. Her most forceful conclusion is that the Founders “certainly did not intend, nor does history substantiate, the idea that Congress should legislate specific limits on the President’s power.” To ensure American security, it needs to recognize that the “nature of military and foreign policy demand the ‘unity of a singular Executive.’ “

One cannot help but see echoes of this conclusion in the administration in which her father was so influential. The Bush White House repeatedly embraced the philosophy of acting first and asking for approval later, especially on issues that involved the power of the purse. They embraced a position that Cheney found repeatedly in history: “The president’s duty to protect national security sometimes come before his responsibility to keep Congress informed.”

If only we could have seen it eight years ago and anticipated what lay ahead.



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