Rummy Missed His Bus

In America shaves it's "Bush", Bush/Cheney Administration, hahahas, neoconservatives, off-beat on February 2, 2009 by Editor Z

They say Revenge is a dish best served cold. While many critics of the controversial former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield, known for his flippant attitudes and awkward media appeal was caught in a bit of an awkward moment. The former two time Secretary of Defense (1975-1977; 2001-2007), former White House Chief of staff, and a Washington insider since the early 1960s; was seen in DC last Thursday standing at a bus stop waiting for a ride. When the bus arrived it was filled to capacity and with no room left for the vanquished Secretary, the bus rode away leaving him in the dust.

Only the bus speeding through a massive puddle and soaking Rummy could make this moment more satisfactory.

With his SmarTrip card in hand — the DC metro’s rechargeable fare card — Rumsfeld “stood quietly” waiting for the bus.

“It was almost like the guy at the first day of work,” Heil and Brotherton’s source remarked. “He was looking at the card, thinking, ‘How does this work?’”

The bus eventually came but “was too packed to pick up any more passengers,” the reporters wrote.

Rumsfeld apparently gave up, walking away down the hill.



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