Sheriff to Pursue Case Against Phelps

In Crime, Marajuana, stupidity on February 3, 2009 by Editor Z

Wow, evidently teenagers and twenty somethings smoke pot. Who knew? To some this seems to be news, after a British tabloid this past weekend published a photo of 14 time Olympic medal winner and professional swimmer Michael Phelps, appearing to take a hit from what looked to be a bong. Oh the humanity!

And now one County Sheriff is doing all he can to pursue the great marijuana menace.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says he will charge Michael Phelps with a crime if he determines the Olympics hero smoked marijuana in Richland County.

Phelps, who set a record with eight gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics, was photographed smoking a marijuana pipe at a November party in Columbia.

The picture was published in the British newspaper News of the World. Phelps apologized Sunday, calling his behavior “inappropriate.”

“This case is no different than any other case,” Lott said Monday. “This one might be a lot easier since we have photographs of someone using drugs and a partial confession. It’s a relatively easy case once we can determine where the crime occurred.”

Possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail or a $570 fine, plus court costs.

Yet it seems that this Sheriff is the only one who cares. Yeah there will be the usual lamentations of how we all thought that sports heros and Olympians were Gods and NEVER engaged in behavior like this, even though this has happened countless times before.

Yeah since it is against the law, Phelps should face the same fate that anyone else would caught taking bong hits; no worse and no better. But building a whole case around a photograph of someone taking a hit or pretending to two months ago at a party seems stupid and would be flimsy in court.



One Response to “Sheriff to Pursue Case Against Phelps”

  1. Honestly, who cares about what Mike Phelps does, it’s his life. Who hasn’t smoked before??It sad to say that this story is probably the most “upbeat” compared to other ones in your blog. Where’s the love????? It’s actually everywhere people Need to Embrace it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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