Sumo Wrestler is Michael Phelps Copy Cat

In Foreign Affairs, Marajuana, Sports on February 6, 2009 by Editor Z

In this country the media has been saturated with coverage of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and controversy surrounding a photo of him allegedly taking a bong hit. But Japanese Summo Wrestlers are using or at least possessing marijuana , including one 25 year old who is suspended from the sport.

In the past six months, four wrestlers have been kicked out of the ancient sport for allegedly smoking marijuana, creating the biggest drugs-in-sports scandal that Japan has ever seen.

Although three of the wrestlers who have been expelled from the sport were from Russia, the arrest last week of a 25-year-old Japanese athlete who goes by the ring name of Wakakirin for possession of marijuana has raised concern that use of the drug may be more widespread than originally thought.

By the way under Japanese law one can get five years in prison for possession.



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