A Young Hero, a Vicious Atrocity

In Crime, Foreign Affairs, Justice, legal issues/law/courts, television on February 9, 2009 by Editor Z

Heart breaking and devastating story from CurrentTV. A small Russian community is honoring 7 year old Zhenya Tabakov, who was honored with a metal of courage, three months after he was murdered.

The incident occurred in his own home, a setting that should be a setting of tranquility for young children back in November. Tabakov and his older sister were home alone during the incident and after plunging a knife in the back of an intruder who was attempting to sexually assault Tabakov’s sister, he plunged a knife into the attacker’s back, allowing his sister to escape, but the young boy was stabbed eight times before he even had a chance to escape.

Its amazing sometimes the atrocities people will commit. It shows a true example of courage and self sacrifice. Just shows that even the very young can exhibit courage that many people years older may not have.

Note: I couldn’t embed the video of this story on the blog directly but here is the link to the video that you can view.

Russia Today:

Just over two months ago Galina lost her son and she’s still struggling to get over the shock.

Zhenya was brutally murdered by a robber, as the boy was trying to save his 12-year-old sister from being raped.

It all happened in late November, in the small military town of Noginsk-9 – a place where even small crimes are rare.

Around midday, a man rang the bell of the flat where Zhenya and his family lived.

“I asked who it was. The man said he was the postman, and he needed to give us a telegram and get a signature. So I opened the door,” recalls Zhenya’s sister Yana.

The little girl says the man held a knife to her throat, and demanded that her brother bring him all the money he could find. Zhenya did as he was told. But when the man started undressing his sister it was more than the boy could bear.

Zhenya seized a knife from the kitchen and plunged it into the man’s back. This didn’t kill the attacker, but it was enough to set Zhenya’s sister free. She ran for help. But it was too late for her brother – he was stabbed eight times.

The beast who is accused of the attack is a 35 year old man who now obviously faces charges of murder amongst other things. Its savages like this who are flesh and blood reasons why the death penalty should be an option in such cases. No seat in Hell is too hot for this guy.

Photo from: Russia Today



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