Post Rational Conservatives: Don’t Know the Difference Between Socialism and Fascism

In Chattering classes/punditry, History, neoconservatives, stupidity, television, War on the rational/ logic on February 14, 2009 by Editor Z

Neoconservative talk show hosts Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck seem just the latest to join the “we are on the road to fascism” rant. Under Bush/Cheney they were fine with invading and colonizing Iraq, and though the stimulus bill is in ways far from ideal this is just stupidity. Beck and Ingraham seem to be having a Faye Dunaway in “China Town” moment. ” We are on the way to socialism”, “we are on the way to fascism”, “We are on the Way to socialism”, “We are on the way to Fascism”; “We are on the way to socialism and fascism”! This is how ignorant these talk show hosts have become. They are so angry that their America of tax cuts for the wealthy and torture techniques (techniques inspired by Chairman Mao in some cases, who was, guess what Glenn? A Socialist. Well he was really a Communist and a Maoist which is really an extension of socialism (which is the economic system, communism the political system, and Maoism the Chinese Communist system), that they have forsaken the rational in favor of their own passions.

What Heckle and Jeckle above fail to note is that Fascism was largely a reaction AGAINST Socialism. Mussolini although once a socialist, took the long brutal trek to becoming the first head of state by railing against, intimidating, and having his legions of Black shirts beat up, imprisoned, and harassed socialists. His supporters even attacked the offices of the socialist newspaper Avanti, which Mussolini had once edited. As for Hitler, Hitler was well known for his vehement hatred of communists and socialists which he viewed as weakening the power and might of the state.

They both need to take a break from their combination of Howard Beal and apocalyptic paranoia and read a little history.



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