Happy Presidents Day

In Holidays, U.S History, U.S Presidents on February 16, 2009 by Editor Z

Well today is Presidents Day. There are at least four President who have birthdays in February. George Washington, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. Personally I think they should just call it Lincoln’s birthday which was on February 12. After all you really wanna honor every President? He kept the country from being torn almost beyond repair and although America still bares many of the scars from that war, we weren’t torn asunder into two countries.

Speaking of President’s Day C-Span recently did a ranking of the greatest and worst Presidents we have had (not counting the current President). Moral authority, setting an agenda for the future, international relations (hint George W Bush was second to only William Henry Harrison as the worst in this arena. Really Harrison was kind of irrelevant since he died after about a month in office), public persuasion, crisis management, relations with Congress, pursuing equal Justice for all, administrative skills, and performance within the context of the times in which they governed.

No real surprise here who the greatest was. In really any survey Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln will be ranked the highest in varying order.

Guess who is better than Millard Filmore and worst then Herbert Hoover? Hint he is struggling to raise funds for his library. Personally I think they were a little harsh on old Milty. Filmore would be far preferable to the monstrosity we had between 2001 and 2008.



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