Burris Needs To Resign

In politics, scandal on February 20, 2009 by Editor Z

Nearly everyone said that anyone appointed by the now vanquished former Gov. Rod Blagovech (D-Ill) to fill the senate seat vacated by now President Barack Obama, was bound to be seen as tainted and have little to no standing if they were to accept that post. The candidate selected by Blagoveich Former Illinois Attorney General and perennial loser to Democratic primaries for state wide office the now Senator Roland Burris (D-Ill) was viewed as even weaker with no mandate and scant popular support behind him.

But anyone who was beginning to get complacent this week was given reason to worry. it was revealed by the Chicago Sun-Times, that contrary to his testimony before an Illinois Impeachment panel following his appointment, that he may have lied about not having conversed with members of the Blagoveich family or being asked for donations by Blagoveich and his allies. In fact in contrast to his earlier statements, Burris not only conversed with the Governor’s brother, but was approached to raise $10,000 in campaign contributions for the Governor.

Burris concedes he was in fact approached to raise money for the Governor”s campaign, though he strongly denies that he gave to campaign. Though it is claimed he was approached on three separate occasions, and the FBI might even have him on tape.

Now as he comes under fire for that, some inconsistencies have been discovered on Burris’s Lobbying disclosure records. (H/T: America blog)

n a Feb. 5 submission to the committee, Burris listed 26 clients dating to 2003.

But the filing contains discrepancies with documents filed with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office and with the Chicago Board of Ethics. A number of clients are listed only in either the legislative filing or in the agency records.

For example, records with the secretary of state show Burris representing the Council of Independent Tobacco Manufacturers of America from 2003 to 2005 and the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers in 2007. But those clients don’t appear in his filing with the Impeachment Committee.

As stated earlier this guy was weak and questionable from the beginning. Anyone who would’ve at that stage taken the appointment from someone as discredited as Blago last December would have to be one of three things: stupid, corrupt, or both. The volume of the calls for him to resign are enhancing in volume and prominence. He should heed those calls and leave office for the good of his state and the body of the Senate. And this is why the state legislature should have simply held a special election instead of allowing Blagoveich to appoint someone.

UPDATE (February 21, 2009)- But unless Burris resigns of his accord, don’t expect the Senate to make any moves anytime soon.



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