"Plumber" on Free Speech: God Doesn’t this Guy Ever Just go Away?

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics, stupidity, War on the rational/ logic on February 27, 2009 by Editor Z

Sam Wurzelbacher “Joe” the “plumber” was at that chorus of caterwauling that is the CPAC convention where I guess post rationals and neocons would rub his hairless crown for wisdom, or something and selling, or at least trying to sell books.

When an audience member made reference to a statement that Plumber made earlier this week that if elected to Congress he would slap congress, he elaborated on that statement again. This time he seemed to elude to the idea of shooting any elected Representative that was critical of the Iraq War or the troops in anyway. But he was sure to say that although he espouses this he still believes in free speech. Just like he believes in being a war reporter, but that war reporters just shouldn’t be reporting about wars, but just crafting pro-government propaganda.

This guy truly is a combination of a political Paris Hilton, and he is about as overexposed as “Octo mom” and even rational conservatives know it.

This transcript of the video above (H/T: Think Progress)

Back in the day, really, when people would talk about our military in a poor way, somebody would shoot ‘em. And there’d be nothing said about that, because they knew it was wrong. You don’t talk about our troops. You support our troops. Especially when our congressmen and senators sit there and say bad things in an ongoing conflict.

Between the talk of labeling Obama a “radical communist”, a neoconservative former acting UN ambassador relishing the idea of more American bloodshed, and this;it seems that if Conservatives keep this up they will keep alienating the country at large and as in the 2008 Election remain a viable political force only in the old Dixie south, the bible belt, and the troika of states in the Mountain west (Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho).



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