Life is a Party, Just Not a Republican Party

In Films/Film stars, off-beat, politics on March 12, 2009 by Editor Z

In the past few weeks the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee former LT Governor of Maryland Michael Steele has come under fire from many within the party. He committed the sin of criticizing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and then humiliated himself further by apologizing to the drive time radio host. But there have been a series of others from Steele constantly referring to money in the stimulus bill as bling giving Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) who is an Indian American “some slum love”. He has also given a “shout out” to one armed midgets and said his job is to “tick people off”.

Michael Steele has come off more and more like a man who finds himself in a midlife crisis trying to come off as cool to his kids and grand kids then a party chairman. Now apparently Steele is so out of touch.

Here is my point:

I like Sinatra. I like old-school. You know, Bing Crosby, Sinatra, Dean Martin. Love Dean Martin. He was one of these guys who just didn’t give an F. He just didn’t. Life was a party, and you either want to party or you don’t. But yeah, I like those. I’m a big Pack Rat. I love the Pack Rats from the 1950s—Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, those guys.

The reporter later corrected Steele since the name of that classic croner group consisting of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop was the ‘Rat Pack’. Just hope that Frank didn’t hear that.

UPDATE (9:25 AM)- In that same interview with GQ although Steele claims that Roe V Wade was poorly decided in terms of law, he also says that it is an individuals choice when it comes to abortion. The religious right is not going to be happy about this.



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