Perv Who Left Camera in the Bathroom identified through Pictures of himself in the camera

In Crime, off-beat, stupidity, Technology on March 18, 2009 by Editor Z

Note to Tech Savy perverts, next time you leave your camera in the bathroom to record patrons,be sure to remove the pictures of yourself that are in the camera.

NEW PALTZ — The New Paltz Police Department is seeking a man who put surveillance a camera in a unisex bathroom inside a coffee shop and apparently left an image of himself on the camera.

Police said Tuesday that the “spy camera” was installed in the bathroom of Starbucks Coffee at 1 Plattekill Ave. It was discovered by an employee shortly after it was placed there on March 10 at about 7 p.m., police said.

Police have recovered a video they believe shows the suspect and released frames from the video. They described him as a white male of thin build, 35 to 40 years old, and about 6-foot tall. The suspect has a beard with a mustache and was wearing circular wire-rimmed glasses, police said. He has a ponytail that goes midway down his back. He appears to be wearing an Army green military jacket with a shoulder sling-style backpack. Police said the suspect appears to be right-handed.

Wonder how they found out he was right handed from those pictures? I will just leave you with that perverted thought.

UPDATE (3/24/09; 12:42 AM ET)– But there are also benefits to this take photos of everything trend. One guy video taped himself, using his cellphone, having sex with a prostitute who along with her boyfriend later robbed him. Guess this proves thier are benefits to recording yourself having sex with a prostitute that could balance out the risk of your wife or girlfriend coming across the video when she barrows your cellphone to make a call.



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