Iranian Blogger Dies in Prison

In blogs, dissent, Foreign Affairs, human rights on March 20, 2009 by Editor Z

Yesterday it was revealed that an Iranian blogger serving a sentence of two years and six months perished in prison on Wednesday.

Omid Mirsayafi, 29 was sentenced in December to prison, after his arrest last year for posting on his blog an insult of Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenai. Sayafi’s attorney says his trail was rushed and unfair, neglecting rules of law.

Mirsayafi’s lawyer, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, told the Campaign that Mirsayafi’s sentence was rushed into implementation without proper judicial procedures and that he had not been notified officially of the sentence before its implementation.

“From the Judge who sentenced Mirsayafi solely for his peaceful opinions, to the prison medical staff who ignored his critical condition, a host of judiciary and prison officials are responsible for his death. Mirsayafi’s death is an indication of the cruelty of Iranian Intelligence and security agencies abusing the courts with the cooperation of the Judiciary,” Ghaemi said.

Mirsayafi is said to have grown depressed and overdosed on his medication, but many human rights activists say he could have lived had prison officials given him proper medical attention and immediately transported him to a hospital. Instead the guards in the prison neglected him in his waning hours of life. The global community has voiced concern and reminded the Iranian government that under the standards of international law they are responsible to maintain their facilities and provide adequate medical care for those housed within them.

This is supposedly the second Iranian political prisoner to die in the last two weeks.

Personally well hopefully on a broader global level we in the United States and those in Iran can have a renewed diplomatic relationship and that contrary to the neocons militarily attacking Iran is the worst thing we or the Israelis could do, this is a reminder of just how primitive and draconian the Iranian right wing is when it comes to human rights and political freedoms. As a writer, blogger, aspiring journalist and human being I believe in standing in solidarity with those who have been cast into bondage for what the most authoritarian regimes consider the sin of expression and the voicing of individual desires and vision. Every tyrant and leader in every enclave of this world should know the world is not theirs but ours. That dialogue generated by its citizens should not be considered a crime.

Right now I can’t find Omid Mirsayafi’s blog, but if I do and get an English translation of it I will post a link to it. Sayafi is now a martyr for free speech and human rights.

Here is a reaction from ‘Reporters without Borders’.

I will keep updating this with new links if anything else comes up relating to this.



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