Rod Dreher: Afraid Gays Could Force Christians into the Closet

In Chattering classes/punditry, civil rights, Gay Rights, stupidity on April 5, 2009 by Editor Z

The Iowa state decision to legalize Same Sex Marriage by the Iowa State Supreme Courtcourt was of course reached with mixed reaction. Gay Rights groups predictably applauded the move, while those opposed like the always inflammatory Congressman Steve King (R-IA) raised the possibility that the state could become “a gay marriage mecca”.

But one of the most histrionic reactions was by blogger Rod Dreher who tried to paint Christians as the victims in this matter, by saying that if gays are accepted it could force Christians to be silenced. So he is basically afraid that Gays having full civil rights and legal protections would result in Christians being treated the way that many of those same Christians treated gays. Forcing them to be silenced and scorned by society.

One blogger reacts by telling Dreher to stop his whining, and that acceptance and tolerance of gays is not the toughest challenge Christians have had to pay.

Rod Dreher, commenting on the Iowa State Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, notes that the anti-gay marriage position is being likened to racism and complains that as this mindset takes hold “it will be very hard to be a public Christian”.

For heaven’s sake. Harder than it was for Christ himself, whose crucifixion we will be commemorating shortly? Harder than for the early Christians who were tossed to lions, not just served with a harrassment summons from the HR Department?

Or harder than it is for Christians in China today? C’mon, you give witness and take your lumps.

Well. Worrying whether the United States will tolerate Christians – I am giving Mr. Dreher HUGE points for creativity.

Now as a straight man, I am sorry but I just don’t see how allowing two people of the same gender who have a genuine love for each other to legally codify that love in the covenant of marriage is a threat. Furthermore I don’t see why anyone with a life should care. I mean this affects your relationship and marriage how? Are you worried that at the first sight of a gay couple, your lover and you might suddenly be overcome by the urge to be gay like it is a contagious disease? That a couple might break up at the sight of a same sex couple? All I can say is that if a same sex couple is a threat to your marriage or relationship, you are probably gay yourself or your relationship was in critical condition already.

Besides, what is with these people who seem to think that being a Christian is all about denouncing gays, Muslims, and opposing abortion? What about helping the poor and tending to the sick? Those are no doubt referenced in the Bible more times then Jesus denouncing gays.



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