An Iraq War Backing Leader with a Conscience

In Foreign Affairs, History, Iraq War on April 10, 2009 by Editor Z

Tragically not a head of state in our own country, but a head of government in another. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the strongest advocate in the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq says although he denies his policies helped fashion more recruits for Al-Queda and other such organizations; regrets about Iraq haunt him.

Daily Mail:

‘I do not pass a single day in which I do not reflect on this and think of the responsibility.

‘I think these decisions are the most difficult you ever take, and you cannot and should not take them incidentally because you believe that you have some religious conviction that’s superior to anyone else.’

(H/T: Raw Story)

He may be wrong, but at least he has a conscience and the ability to understand at least some of the gravity of his actions. Could one possibly conceive of someone like Dick Cheney feeling that way or admitting it?

Related: General Odearino the head of Military Operations in Iraq now says the U.S may have to renege on the deadline of having all U.S Troops ending operations in all Iraqi cities by June 30, in order to stem violence in many of these cities. One can’t help but wonder if Obama silently agreed to this or if this is just an off the cuff remark by one General. Though great weight needs to be put on the words and suggestions of Military leaders, one can’t help but feel that the fear of the whole the thing eventually failing is valid reason for us to continue occupying Iraq indefinitely. After all if U.S forces couldn’t root out terrorism and the insurgency in Iraq within six years what makes them think they can in any other amount of time?



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