Why Sanctions on Cuba and Not China?

In blogs, Chattering classes/punditry, Foreign Affairs, human rights on April 14, 2009 by Editor Z

Allah Pundit responds to those against normalizing relations with Cuba.

Fair points all, but also equally fair (if not more so) with respect to, say, China, and there’s no travel ban in place there. (Indeed, compare the dramatic difference in tone in the descriptions of China and Cuba on the State Department’s visa page.) CNN cites a poll taken last month showing that 71 percent of Americans want to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, which doesn’t surprise me: We can debate whether it’s smart policy to punish totalitarian states with travel bans as a rule, but I’m not sure what the argument is for distinguishing between them. As near as I can tell, the Cuba ban is driven mainly by good ol’ fashioned tradition and not wanting to let Fidel, the last vestige of the Cold War, claim a moral victory by outlasting America’s antipathy to him. Or am I overanalyzing it and this is really a simple case of Cuba being small and powerless enough to shun and China being very much not so?

Precisely. Since when have we received toys tainted with lead from Cuba?



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