"Straw Dogs" Re-make?

In Commentary, Films/Film stars, Thats Old School, Video on April 24, 2009 by Editor Z

Remakes of good classic treasures of film often annoy me. There is an argument to be made that these remakes can expose a new generation to a great movie with a little more relevance, but a few tweaks in the script often doom a remake to be drained of much of what made it so entertaining and poignant in the first place. Besides the performances of actors in remakes are rarely as memorable as the originals.

Now according to the Hollywood Reporter, a re-make of the violent, yet powerful and striking 1971 Sam Peckinpah classic Straw Dogs is being considered.

The film itself revolves around David Sumner (Dustin Hoffman) a bookish American mathematician and his voluptuous British wife (Susan George) who reside in the English countryside. They think they have escaped all the violence and chaos of society, but when a band of hooligans hector and torment the couple, the mathematician learns that shying away from conflict is not always an option.

James Marsden will star in Screen Gems’ reimagining of the 1971 thriller “Straw Dogs” being written and directed by Rod Lurie.

The new “Straw Dogs” follows Los Angeles screenwriter David Sumner (Marsden), who moves with his wife to her hometown in the deep South. Once there, tensions build in their marriage and old conflicts re-emerge with the locals, leading to a violent confrontation.

The original, co-written and directed by Sam Peckinpah, saw Dustin Hoffman in the role of Sumner, with the story set in rural England.

Both films are based on the book “The Siege at Trencher’s Farm” by Gordon Williams.

Me, I will stay with the Sam Pekinpah original any day over any glossy star studded effort to update it.



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