Influenza Thread

In Foreign Affairs, health, History, U.S government, Video on April 29, 2009 by Editor Z

As bad and astounding as the ravages of swine flu may be lets be thankful (and hope) that this is not a repeat of the 1918 Influenza outbreak that killed so many.

Update (4/30/09)- World Health Organization (WHO) raises the threat level to level 5 out of 6.

Update (12pm ET)- Vice President Biden doesn’t seem to be helping matters regarding the swine flu with his latest statements. I can kind of understand the plane part to some degree, but subways? For many public transportation not to mention elevators are the life blood of the U.S economy, and how many get to their jobs. Hopefully his stupid remark won’t induce panic among the broader public.

Update (3:22pm/ET)- Hours ago the Vice President’s office released a statement regarding the question on what advice he would give family on how to avoid the swine flu (which by the way is a term the WHO is no longer using in order to protect pigs). In it, Biden’s spokesperson emphasizes this is advice he has given members of his own family as a family person and not the broader public. The damage seems a bit done, though I don’t think this is a moment where one can say the administration has botched the reaction to this pandemic. Still they have lost today’s news cycle with this remark and maybe tomorrows. Beyond that this comment will likely be lost in the tangled thicket of others that Biden and other politicians amass over the years.

Update (3:55pm/ET)- the W.H.O: Number of Swine Flu Cases Rises to 257 world wide.

Update (7:12pm/ET)- MSNBC: Swine Flu shuts 300 schools across the U.S.



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