DOJ Report to Not Reccomend Prosecution for Torture Memos

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Crime, human rights, legal issues/law/courts, war on terror on May 6, 2009 by Editor Z

Three lawyers in the Bush/Cheney Department of Justice’s Office of legal counsel, who were responsible for crafting the legal memos that approved the use of torture or “enhanced interrogations”, won’t face prosecutions. That according to reports surrounding the completion of a U.S Justice Department report that instead recommends that the American Bar Association take steps to discipline two of the three involved.

So from now on based on the example that we set if this is true, then the moral credibility that America posses when it heralds human rights, the rule of law, and action against leaders who perform such tactics is shot. But allegedly the Bush/Cheney administration and their allies think even that is too harsh. Bottom line: They take the same view of law, enforcing the rule of law, and practicing actual human rights, that Leona Helmsley took for taxes, its “for little people”. Punishment for crimes is something those in the counsels of power and who posses immense amounts of wealth should be insulated from. But that the kid in the downtrodden neighborhood who commits what is also a crime should suffer for.

Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Department officials have stopped short of recommending criminal charges against Bush administration lawyers who wrote secret memos approving harsh interrogation techniques of terror suspects. A person familiar with the inquiry, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says investigators recommended referring two of the three lawyers to state bar associations for possible disciplinary action. The person was not authorized to discuss the inquiry.

The person noted that the investigative report was still in draft form and subject to revisions. Attorney General Eric Holder also may make his own determination about what steps to take once the report has been finalized.

The Justice Department notified two senators by letter that a key deadline in the inquiry expired Monday, signaling that most of the work on the matter was completed. The letter does not mention the possibility of criminal charges, nor does it name the lawyers under scrutiny.

The inquiry has become a politically-loaded guessing game, with some advocating criminal charges against the lawyers and others urging that the matter be dropped.

If we ignore or condone these blatantly inhumane acts, where some detainees according to a new report, died while being tortured or in custody; Americans, future generations, and the world are being told that the values of human dignity, fairness, the rule of law, and the idea that all are equal under the law will be seen as a sham.

People with a law degree; who work in Washington D.C or corporate offices and wear a suit and tie have just as much an ability to commit crime as the teenage gang member sporting a bandanna who has no law degree, but a gun. The only difference is material wealth, a good facade, and access to institutions of power that affect us all.



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