The Dick and his Compassion for "The Little Guy"

In Bush/Cheney Administration, stupidity on May 7, 2009 by Editor Z

In the neoconservative journal the Weekly Standard former Vice President Dick Cheney discusses why he advocated what he did when in government. We now know why he advocated for controversial torture techniques, for spying on Americans, had a knee jerk reaction of bombing anything that moved when we found ourselves in a dispute or crisis any country, outed CIA agents, consolidated Executive power, went to bat repeatedly for Big Business titans especially in the energy sector, advocated economic policy that helped corporations instead of ordinary people, approached the legislative and Judaical branches of government with Cesar-like disdain, and tried to keep us in the dark about the affairs of our own government.He did it because he loves us.

I went through the Iran-contra hearings and watched the way administration officials ran for cover and left the little guys out to dry. And I was bound and determined that wasn’t going to happen this time. I think to George Tenet’s credit–I don’t agree with George on a lot of stuff–but I think he was of the same view and that’s why we had all of these requests coming through for policy guidance and for legal opinions. And this time around I’ll do my damndest to defend anybody out there–be they in the agency carrying out the orders or the lawyers who wrote the opinions. I don’t know whether anybody else will, but I sure as hell will.

I don’t know this sounds alot to me like the man who batters and degrades his wife because he loves her so much. On the note of Iran-Contra, Regan administration actions in that case were done illegally. The Boland amendment prohibited the allocating of funds to the Contras in Nicaraqua and was approved by both the House and the Senate. But of course for Cheney is above the law. But its okay, because the guy with the Hazmat suit in the back of his SUV did it because he loves the “little guy”. Cheney sticking up for the little guy? More like sticking it to the little guy.



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