The Two Faces of Newt: Washed Up Former House Speaker Rails Against McCarthyism and then Engages in McCarthyism

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Crime, Foreign Affairs, politics, stupidity, war on terror on May 10, 2009 by Editor Z

It appears that two Newt Gingrichs appeared on his network of Choice Fox News on Fox News Sunday this week. The Ex-speaker accused Democrats of coddling terrorists while saying that any investigations into the Bush/Cheney administration’s use of torture or “harsh interrogation techniques”, are McCarthyism. He also attacked the employment of harsh partisan vitriol.

“What we’re seeing now in a very sad way is bitter, partisan attacks on the Bush people, as much as we’ve seen since the McCarthy era. The degree that they’re putting specific people at risk for prosecution is unprecedented in modern America,” Gingrich told Fox’s Chris Wallace.

So prosecuting Bush/Cheney administration officials for possibly breaking the law and thus shaming their nation before the eyes of the world shouldn’t be punished. But consistency, unlike with Bush/Cheney, has not been an ally of the flailing conservative movement lately. In that same interview Gingrich employed a McCarthyite tactic of attacking the patriotism and assailing Democrats, specifically Attorney General Eric Holder for “defending terrorists”.

Gingrich said that Attorney General Eric Holder’s former law firm has defended accused terrorists pro bono, insinuating that this defense indicates sympathy with their supposes crimes, rather than a belief that all accused people deserve legal representation.

“You look at the Obama administration, the number of attorneys that have been appointed who were defending alleged terrorists,” Gingrich said. “There’s this weird pattern where the Bush people wanted to defend Americans and were pretty tough on terrorists. These guys are prepared to take huge risks with Americans in order to defend terrorists.”

So McCarthyism is ok when Newt does it, but not when anyone who opposes Newt or the conservative movement does it? Ironic that the man who so often praises Reagan, now rejects anti-torture standards Reagan himself championed in the 1980s?

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