New Report Finds Waste in Afganistan Iraq U.S Contracting System

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Eisenhower warned of a “Millitary Industrial Complex” he probably never guessed it would be this calamitous.

The over 4,000 military casualties of the war in Iraq have no doubt been the most sobering, heart wrenching, and tragic aspect of the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. However the system of contracting functions of the occupation out to private contractors on a massive scale has also been known to be rife with instances of corruption, ineptitude, poor planning, ill-conceived, inefficiency, and unaccountability.

Now a new report by a Congressional committee confirms this. Projects have been done unnecessarily, multiple times, or in some instances shoddy in quality. Records and paperwork were poorly kept and a dinning hall was remodeled after just having been remodeled. The Pentagon in many instances was so lackadaisical in its approach and enforcement that the allocation of money was not kept track of or even the contracting companies themselves were not listed in a database of some sorts. All this while having access to an almost endless cascade of billions and billions of U.S taxpayer dollars.

Conservatives often say government is not the answer to everything and is susceptible to bureaucratic red tape, graft, and corruption. One need only to look at the conduct and planning of the Iraq War over the past six years as testimony to the faliability of government. However, the Bush/Cheney administrations prototype of applying the lazie faire economics, small government, loose (if any) regulation, unaccountability of business to Iraq and foreign ventures as opposed to using government employees or the military have been even more disastrous; as these private companies are unrestrained by any clear standards of law, and are not accountable for deficient craftsmanship or poor services, while having access to an almost endless cascade of U.S taxpayers’ money.

Associated Press:

U.S. reliance on private sector employees has grown to “unprecedented proportions,” yet the government has no central database of who all these contractors are, what they do or how much they’re paid, the bipartisan commission found.

In its first report to Congress, the Wartime Contracting Commission presents a bleak assessment of how taxpayer dollars have been spent since 2001. The 111-page report, obtained by The Associated Press, documents poor management, weak oversight, and a failure to learn from past mistakes as recurring themes in wartime contracting.

The commission’s report is scheduled to be made public Wednesday at a hearing held by the House Oversight and Government Reform’s national security subcommittee.

One example of wasted money cited by the commission involves construction of a $30 million dining facility at a U.S. base in Iraq scheduled to be completed Dec. 25. The decision to build it was based on bad planning and botched paperwork. Yet the project is too far along to stop, making the mess hall a future monument to the waste and inefficiency plaguing the war effort.



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