Enhanced Interogation Tequniques Used on those Accused of Marajuana Possesion?

In Crime, Foreign Affairs, human rights, Injustice, stupidity, War on the rational/ logic on June 10, 2009 by Editor Z

For all of those who don’t think the torture (or “enhanced interrogation techniques” if you have a proclivity for euphemisms) don’t have a slippery slope effect here at home, one should look no further then Enfield in North London where a corrupt police force is alleged to have water boarded suspects accused not of terrorism, but of something far worse — marijuana possession.

Now this heinous techniques rich history includes but is not limited to the Spanish inquisition, atrocities exercised by police on African -Americans in the 1850s, the Imperial Japanese, the French occupation of Algeria, the Khmer Rogue in Cambodia, tyrannical governments in Latin America, the CIA in America on detainees, and now those who posses marijuana in North London. So much for waterboarding being used only on “high level terrorists”. Looks like waterboarding could be coming to a small town police station near you.

UPDATE (3:23PM/ET)- In other non-torture marijuana related news, the state Senate has now approved by a near unanimous vote, legislation that would allow for the sale of medical marijuana at some non-profit shops known as “compassion centers” for those who can legally use the drug for certain medical aliments. The Governor has in the past vetoed similar legislation. No word yet on what course of action he will take next.



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