Obama Cyber Security plan

In civil rights, Technology, U.S government on June 13, 2009 by Editor Z

Obama ran a campaign last year that excoriated the Bush/Cheney administration (although he later voted to give telecom companies retroactive community) and has frequently invoked the balance of civil liberties and security.

However very soon the Obama administration could be establishing a new cyber security system that many worry could pierce the Vail of privacy of many on the internet in the name of cyber security.

This venture though sounds fraught with potential landmines regarding civil liberties, the role of the military and intelligence gathering agencies within the United States, as well as turf wars between the National security council and the Defense Department, as well as diplomatic repercussions seeing as how the internet has no boundaries of state and country.

The need for cyber security is paramount and real. However given the thicket of difficulties and bureaucratic tangles involved; not to mention the frightening prospect of the Armed forces and intelligence gathering organizations operating against U.S citizens on U.S shores is a prospect that makes one shutter, rather it be Obama, Bush/Cheney, or anyone else. Even if Obama’s intentions are good, good people who do bad things sets a precedent for those with less than noble intentions to do bad things. Hopefully this is just speculation because it is certainly not the change I and millions of Americans cast a ballot for in November.

New York Times:

President Obama has said that the new cyberdefense strategy he unveiled last month will provide protections for personal privacy and civil liberties. But senior Pentagon and military officials say that Mr. Obama’s assurances may be challenging to guarantee in practice, particularly in trying to monitor the thousands of daily attacks on security systems in the United States that have set off a race to develop better cyberweapons.

Much of the new military command’s work is expected to be carried out by the National Security Agency, whose role in intercepting the domestic end of international calls and e-mail messages after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, under secret orders issued by the Bush administration, has already generated intense controversy.

There is simply no way, the officials say, to effectively conduct computer operations without entering networks inside the United States, where the military is prohibited from operating, or traveling electronic paths through countries that are not themselves American targets.

The cybersecurity effort, Mr. Obama said at the White House last month, “will not — I repeat, will not — include monitoring private sector networks or Internet traffic.”

But foreign adversaries often mount their attacks through computer network hubs inside the United States, and military officials and outside experts say that threat confronts the Pentagon and the administration with difficult questions.

Like I stated earlier this whole thing just reeks of overreach and trouble.



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