Iran Wrap Up 6/19

In Foreign Affairs, History, politics, stupidity, television on June 19, 2009 by Editor Z

The Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khomeni stood before the Iranian people today in a public speech and told Iranians that last week’s election results, which have resulted in demonstrations in the Iranian streets, were a “definitive victory” for incumbent conservative hardliner Mahmoud Amadinejad and warned all protesters to cease demonstrations and hinted that leaders of the protests could face consequences.

No doubt, the whole world will continue to keep watching to see if the Supreme leader’s call will be heeded and the results of the establishment he represents will be accepted, if the current government’s security forces will retaliate against protesters with brute force, or if Khomeni’s demands make him appear as out of touch as an old man raising his fist to pick a fight with the ocean.

Meanwhile here in the United States Republicans have slammed Obama for not being more aggressive in support of the demonstrators. Given our penchant for turning Iran against us everytime we intervene in its domestic affairs, (whether it be the 1953 U.S backed coup, or support for the Shah’s regime)its probably for the better.

However, Crooks and Liars (whose job it is to watch all the political news programs so we don’t have to) has posted a clip of Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) on MSNBC’s Hardball says that we shouldn’t worry about looking like were too aggressive in our support. When host Chris Matthews brings up the 1953 U.S backed coup of that country’s then democratically elected government, Chambliss says that Iranians have likely buried that hatchet long ago.

Here’s a slice of the transcript (H/T: Crooks and Liars):

MATTHEWS: What do you make of the president`s concern that our history over there — he`s voiced this in the Cairo speech — that our history over there of getting involved with Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA, overthrowing those elections back in the `50s, getting rid of their democracy when they had one, gives us such a bad reputation in that country that if we go in there now, it`ll look like we`re just trying to grab influence in Iran again to our advantage, to get the oil back, to get the influence back that we had there under the shah?

CHAMBLISS: Well, that election was, what, almost 60 years ago now. The world has changed dramatically since then. And I dare say that you go up to any of those people in Teheran who are protesting in the streets and say, Hey, what about the United States meddling in your election in the `50s, they would shake their heads, like, What in the world are you talking about?

Yeah just like I am sure that all the people in Senator Chambliss’s home state have forgotten all about the Civil War and the old confederacy.



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