Iran Wrap-up 6/21/09 Neda Rest in Peace

In assasination, blogs, Crime, Foreign Affairs, Injustice, internet, Technology, tragedy, Video on June 22, 2009 by Editor Z

The unrest and demonstrations in Iran continue in the wake of the controversial presidential election. Reports have surfaced that some family members of an ex-Iranian President have been imprisoned, as the suppression of professional media in the country has continued. A BBC News Corespondent has been instructed by the government to leave and the Bureau of the Arab news channel Al-Arabiya has been closed down. The U.S media has also been prey to the crackdown as a Newsweek journalist has also been detained. As many as 24 reporters have been arrested thus far.

Amidst the bedlam and discord though one death has become the tragic and brutal hallmark of the Iranian dissident movement. Neda Soltani, a girl who was as young as 16 years old according to some accounts was brutally assassinated by some of the security forces, and was left to have the last of life expelled from her body as she lay in her father’s arms awash in blood. Footage of Nada’s final terrifying moments of life is posted all over the internet, including above on here. The images are violent and disturbing, but the truth is far more so.

Nada was buried almost immediately so the Iranian government and their jardinieres would not have to endure a mourning ceremony, but something tells me they will endure far more resistance now both domestically and abroad. Yesterday in demonstrations the Basij, some of the most steadfast supporters of the regime were fought back when they sought to violently suppress demonstrations, some even being pushed off their motorcycles. Protesters, especially the young are said to be shouting her name as a rallying cry for the demonstrations. It is truly a tragedy that has unfolded over the past week and it has culminated in true horror.

One last note, for a regime that ascended to power three decades ago using the latest in technology at the time (audio cassettes) it is ironic that they now find themselves fighting to maintain power from a movement that is now in this age disseminating its message through a technology (the internet) that like in 1979 the current government doesn’t understand.


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