Iran Wrap-up 6/23

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Cartoon from Watergate Summer (H/T: The Tehran Buerua)

Day 11 of the demonstrations against the controversial presidential election in Iran. Anyway the Iranian government has conceded that the election wasn’t quite as clean as they initially stated, as in a number of districts their were more ballots issued then there were people. But for all those hoping for the results to be nullified and a new fairer election to be held, the government has dismissed such calls. After all, I am sure those who received the extra ballots just ended up using them as scrap paper.

TEHRAN, Iran – Government authorities stepped up their crackdown on protesters yesterday, as Iranian officials for the first time acknowledged evidence of voting irregularities in this month’s presidential election, the issue that has sparked the largest street demonstrations since the Islamic Republic was established three decades ago.

An initial probe into the June 12 presidential election has shown that the number of ballots cast exceeded the number of registered voters in 50 locales, a discrepancy affecting three million votes or more, according to the spokesman for the Guardian Council, a body of jurists and clerics in charge of safeguarding the country’s constitution.

The council will deliver its final verdict on the disputed election by tomorrow, according to a report by the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

Meanwhile, officials announced plans to set up a special court and warned that anyone who encouraged more demonstrations – including opposition figurehead Mir Hossein Mousavi – was subject to arrest.

In some of its sternest remarks yet, the Revolutionary Guard announced that anyone who continued to confront the security forces “will be considered a threat” to the system, the news agency reported.

“The guardians of the Islamic Revolution and the courageous Basiji,” a pro-government militia, “are determined to act strongly to return peace and tranquillity to society,” the statement said.

Despite the warnings, Mousavi, who the government announced suffered a landslide defeat to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called on his supporters yesterday to gather their strength and continue peaceful protests, sharpening his conflict with the government.

In other Iran related news, Iran has expelled two British diplomats and Britain has expelled two Iranian diplomats A free lance journalist for the Washington Times has reportedly been detained by the Iranian government.

Meanwhile violence against demonstrators has continued and the heart wrenching story of Neda has been heard more and more after this weekend the bullet from the gun of a pro-government militia firing on a hoard of protesters strayed, before striking and killing the unarmed 26 year old girl, who many Janissary’s of the Ahmadinejad allied political establishment are calling a terrorist.

Meanwhile in Iran news related to America, long shot Republican primary candidate for the U.S Senate Marco Rubio says that Iran needs more guns. I am all for gun ownership and the right to bear arms, but Iran and the Middle East for that matter now need more guns about as much as they need more bombs, more religion, and more oil.



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