Iranian Wrap-up 6/25 : Day 14

In Foreign Affairs, human rights, Injustice, Iranian election aftermath on June 26, 2009 by Editor Z

Despite the death of Michael Jackson there are other matters still unfolding around the globe. One of which is the continuing unrest within Iran over the disputed Presidential election nearly two weeks ago. Since then demonstrations and protests have engulfed the country, though following a show of force by the police and mass arrests they have been fewer in number.

Mir Houssain Mousavi the main opposition candidate, refuses to withdraw his complaints of voter fraud. The protests continue and on Thursday as many as 70 University professors meeting with Moussavi were arrested. Many Iranian Members of Parliament are also refusing to participate in a dinner established to laud Ahmadinejad’s electoral “victory”.

Iranian officials also continue to deflect blame for the assassination of Neda Solton, as the Iranian envoy to Mexico claims the CIA is responsible for this heinous act. The CIA needless to say was offended and dismiss the allegations. Neda’s family meanwhile have been taken from their residence by government forces, likely in retaliation for the fame and martyrdom Neda has now received.
The doctor who tried to save Neda Solton has also opened up about the incident and the torment it has brought him.

The state run tv station is also airing footage of forced confessions by demonstrators in which they claim that foreign elements aroused the desire to speak out against the government.

Ahmadinejad meanwhile lashes out at Europe and America for their condemnation of the crackdown and in reaction to Obama’s stronger statement of disapproval of the Iranian crackdown and the murder of Neda. He also accuses Obama of being an extension of the Bush/Cheney administration on Foreign policy.

But it turns out not everybody disputes the legitimacy of the Iranian presidential elections and the subsequent reprisals of the government. Russia in fact has described the the elections “an exercise in democracy”.



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