Screw Money will have sex for Fritos

In Crime, food/drink, hahahas, off-beat, Sex, stupidity, television, Thats Old School on June 26, 2009 by Editor Z

One Oklahoma woman and a Fritos Lays employee were arrested after he picked her up and she furnished him with her “services” in exchange for a case of Fritos chips. Makes you wonder how much sex you could get for a case of Doritos.

An Oklahoma City woman was arrested for prostitution after agreeing to have sex with a man in exchange for a $30 box of Frito-Lays chips. Lahoma Sue Smith, dubbed the Frito Lays prostitute, pleaded no contest to the charges.

Smith and the man were found partially clothed in her car. She told police her client didn’t have any money. He was a Frito-Lays employee and offered her a case of chips for sexual favors.

Smith, 36, was ordered to pay a $1,142 fine. The man, who has not been identified, was not charged.

Ah the old barter system is making a comeback. Now if only I would have thought of that I would be buying Fritos in bulk.



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