Iran Wrap-up 6/26

In Foreign Affairs, human rights, Injustice, Iranian election aftermath on June 27, 2009 by Editor Z

Above is an Iranian Professor on a television show rebuking the Iranian government’s policy towards the U.S and commenting on the election of President Obama. To those neocons who think the Iranians need to be bombed into submission here is proof that their is a profound contrast between the governing regime of a nation and its people.

Much of the news coverage has been saturated in the coverage of the death of Michael Jackson and the question surrounding it, so perhaps that is why the level of news out of Iran has slowed to a trickle.

But the level of protests in Iran has diminished in the fourteenth day following the controversial Presidential election. Iran’s Guardian Council has also endorsed the results of the heated election. Despite that, each side sounds like it remains entrenched and if the demonstrators do back down they will likely continue to have a simmering resentment towards the authorities.

One cleric is now calling for the death of protesters.

At his news conference today in Washington DC with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Obama responded to yesterdays remarks by Ahmadinejad that he should apologize, by stating that the Iranian government’s unleashing of force on protesters could have an adverse affect regarding possible talks with the United States and that he may want to re-examine the way he has reacted to the protests. Obama also came the closest he has to expressing support for opposition candidate Mir Houssain Moussavi.

Also Neda Soltan’s father according to Michael Rubin at the corner is set to be forced to go on television and state that protesters and not “security forces” killed his daughter.

There has also been a vigil for the victims of the harsh crackdown.


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