Iran Wrap-up- July 9

In Foreign Affairs, History, human rights, Iranian election aftermath on July 9, 2009 by Editor Z

(H/T: Average American Patriot)

Been days since the last wrap-up , but over this past weekend Vice President Biden hinted that the U.S might allow Israel to launch an attack against possible nuclear sites in Iran, an assertion that President Obama later denied. If done it would give U.S Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen much pause. Though Biden also remarked that the U.S is still open to constructing a dialogue with Iran.

President Ahmadinejad also asserted in a public address to Iranians on Tuesday, the first since the controversial election last month, that the elections and their astounding turnout were “the freest elections”, the freest ever in the history of the world times a million. And despite, the controversy surrounding his “re-election”, the autocratic Conservative populist President still believes he has a mandate. His rivals, especially Mir Houssain Mousavi seem to disagree and opposition elements in Iran are urging the European Union not to recognize Ahmadinejad as the legitimate leader of the country. The plea isn’t being made to the United States presumably because the U.S has not officially recognized any Iranian government since the overthrow of the Shah and seizure of the U.S embassy in Tehran in 1979.

An envoy has also visited a French teacher who has said to be detained, and there have been other native Iranian opposition elements (known to the autocratic government there as “counter revolutionaries”) detained,including a prominent human rights lawyer, who works for a Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi and legal scholar

Meanwhile out on the streets, protests seem to have been revived for a time, after nearly two weeks of relative inactivity due to the harsh reprisals and measures of government security forces. But as many as hundreds of thousands are said to have defied the government and taken to the streets of Tehran towards a university where a decade ago a student protest erupted and was eventually quashed by the Iranian hardliners. So far protesters have encured beatings, assaults, and plumes of tear gas from security forces and the Basij militia, as some protesters are setting trashcans ablaze to counter the noxious affect of the tear gas and shouting chants of “Death to the Dictator”.

The Governor of Tehran meanwhile is urging residents to leave the affects, due to the heavy air pollution, and insists that those who demonstrate and support such protests will “be smashed”.



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