The War on Centuer’s, Mermnaids, and other Fantasy Creatures

In Apocolypse Coming, hahahas, off-beat, politics, science, stupidity on July 14, 2009 by Editor Z

Well that is what the Huffington Post reports via Senator Sam Brownback’s own blog. Ardent pro-lifer Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) wants to ban scientists from being able to create human animal hybrid species. Brownback is set to retire from the Senate in 2010 and run for governor of Kansas, and obviously now wants part of his national political legacy to be killing any possibility of centaurs and Arielle the Little Mermaid becoming a reality. Given Senator Brownback’s intense “pro-family agenda” one would think he would want to encourage the good natured wholesome family fun that is a Disney movie in becoming a reality (maybe a tax credit for owning a blue genie or an elephant that can fly. Or how about one for guys who dress in strange costumes in the middle of the night and take children off to a …. oh wait, I was referring to Peter Pan not Michael Jackson).

Between this and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (R- her own state of mind), seeking years back to ban the movie Aladdin in local Minnesota schools; one has to wonder what acid these lawmakers have been trippin on. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is also a co-sponsor. The legislation now has 20 co-sponsors, but hey with the economy having recovered, us being out of Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea disarmed, global climate change halted, health care legislation passed, and the budget deficit under control; I guess we now have time for more pressing concerns such as this! That’s what we pay lawmakers for, and get those the Seven little bearded guys while you are at it.



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