Lou Dobbs Joins ‘Birthers’

In 2008 Presidential Elections, Chattering classes/punditry, stupidity, television on July 22, 2009 by Editor Z

Here is a copy of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate.

Ever since the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries started in earnest back in 2007 and then Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill) started to gain traction there have been inane conspiracy theories that he hasn’t produced a birth certificate and wasn’t born in this country, despite the fact you can easily find his birth certificate online. By extension these conspiracy theorists take this erroneous assertion to say that Obama really isn’t American or ‘one of us’ , and that he is really some kind of Al-Queda plant sent here to take over America from inside its government and turn us all into Muslims.

Nobody truly intelligent would go along with this because like I said you can easily find an official copy of his birth certificate online. The rumor would rise again time and time again, throughout the primaries and General election and despite the stupidity, as Albert Camus once said “stupidity has a knack of getting its way”, and this vacuous attack has continued to be used, including by wingnut and former Obama senate rival Alan Keyes (R,MD,Ill, or wherever there is a vacant Republican office). Many would expect that from someone like Alan Keyes because, well he’s Alan Keyes.

Some members of congress, ‘tea baggers’ in the Pat Buchanan mold, and other elements of the blogosphere have used this as a way to rail against Obama’s policies and Obama himself. However, it also seems to be a way to continue to exploit the stupidity of those ill-developed minds who posses xenophobic, ethnic, and racial hatreds. Really they can’t call Obama the n-word, or call for “states rights”, and come out and just say we hate blacks; so they use every theory and tool no matter how inaccurate or absurd to hit this message home. They have come to be known as “birthers” and quite frankly they are as ridiculous, absurd, and are the right wing equivalent to those on the far left (and some on the far right) known as “truthers” who claim George W Bush and the U.S government orchestrated 9/11.

Now in a sad commentary on the state of cable news; CNN’s Lou Dobbs is raising his pitchfork and joining the party. After all where there is xenophobic ignorance to be exploited, there is Lou Dobbs.

“This isn’t one of those things that goes away quite as easily as I’d thought,” Dobbs says, saying that this isn’t the “fringe” and that Obama hasn’t produced a birth certificate. (He long ago released an official copy, the standard document. As often noted, it actually does go away quite easily.)

“I have no idea what the reality is here,” says Dobbs, later wondering, “You suppose he’s undoc — no, I wouldn’t use the word ‘undocumented,’ wouldn’t be right.”

You know Lou if you just used Google I am sure you could find the answers, but i guess research would conflict with the xenophobic barn burning diatribes that are what you do best.

UPDATE (10:10AMET)- Liz Cheney a birther? Well if you believe the Iraq War was an ingenious maneuver in the field of foreign policy I guess you can believe anything. Actually I don’t know which this association discredits more the birthers because of their association Liz Cheney, or if Liz Cheney because of her association with the birthers.



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