Audit Suggests U.S cut Embassy Staff, Costs at Embassy in Iraq

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Foreign Affairs, Iraq War, stupidity, U.S government on July 23, 2009 by Editor Z

The Iraq war since 2003 has many have argued not only been a devastating loss of U.S soldiers and civilians for motives that are at best questionable, but also an endeavor rife with financial waste and corporate cronyism.

An article in the Washington Post an audit now suggests that there be cuts in the U.S embassy staffing in Iraq, that has cost $700 million to construct, consisting of 21 buildings and is the largest U.S embassy in the world with an astounding 1,873 employees. Yeah, and the Iraqi people are supposed to believe we have no long term ambitions in Iraq. Some would say that if the message an occupying power wants to send is self sufficiency and independence, building a wasteful and almost obscenely mascadonic embassy might not exactly be the most credible way. And as with much of what the Bush/Cheney administration did, it was a free for all for contractors.

For more than five years following the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the embassy was housed in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Palace inside the fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad. In the Bush administration, the audit said, normal staffing limits were not imposed, and cost “did not seem to be a factor.”

Construction on a new embassy compound began in 2005 — 21 buildings on 104 highly secured acres, costing more than $700 million.

Seriously, we have $700 million wasted on this palace and that is not counting the annual costs required to operate the embassy. We should sell it back to the Iraqi people, and use some of the money to build a much more humble and smaller embassy.That is if we truly do have no ambitions to indefinitely occupy the country.



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