Sarah Palin a Nixon Republican?

In Fun with Richard Nixon, politics, U.S History on July 28, 2009 by Editor Z

Sunday 2008 Republican vice Presidential Candidate and the now former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin resigned 17 months into her term as governor. Her lines attacking the media and those questioning Conservative (or in this day and age neo-conservative policies)made her sound like a bad cross between Dick Cheney and Cheney’s old mentor Richard Nixon, who in a speech of his own conceding the 1962 California Gubernatorial race gave his famous “You won’t have Old Nixon to kick around anymore” speech before a herd of reporters. Reports of her anger towards her critics also are consistent with the Nixon approach towards the press, politics, and governing.

But Ben Wyskida of Pinko Magazine, sees both similarities and contrasts between the Former Alaska Governor and the 35th U.S President.

Ahhhhh! It’s like how when I see Sarah Palin talk I want to spear my eyes out, but some Americans see a “maverick.” At least Nixon studied his policy. If he were alive today, I doubt that Nixon would tweet that “sealife near lush wet rainforests to energy housed under frozen tundra atop permafrost, God most creatively displays His diversity in AK,” tacitly implying the support of God for arctic drilling. In a way that makes Palin scarier — while Nixon was personally shy, and comparatively reticent about religion, Palin can be an outright zealot.

Like Nixon, Palin blames the media. “Stop making things up,” she told the gotcha press on Sunday. The biggest similarity though, is the willingness of Palin — like Nixon — to just say some shit. Let’s look at her speech. Objectively, Palin has achieved almost none of her core campaign objectives. How did she handle that? “Alaska: What I promised, we accomplished.” Oh! Great. Why are you quitting Sarah? “Isn’t it obvious?! A lame duck Governor can not serve their state.” That’s insane, of course — by that standard, 15 governors should resign, or never should run for re-election, but then they would be lame ducks in their first terms, so there shouldn’t even be Governors. Or something. It doesn’t make any sense. She loves to just say some shit.

In my post from July 4th, I wrote that Palin’s plan could work because the 2010 election presented an opportunity for her to roll out a killer stump speech, and go town to town to town (through “real America,” the towns that hate cosmopolitan liberals) campaigning for Republicans and attacking “elitist” Democrats while exploiting lingering race and class tensions




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