Glenn Beck’s truth for clunkers

In Chattering classes/punditry, neoconservatives, off-beat, stupidity, television on August 2, 2009 by Editor Z

Additional funds were approved for the ‘cash for clunkers’ program, where Americans can turn in an old car for a rebate on a new fuel efficent vehicle. Now who could hate that? American consumers support it overwhelmingly, the bussiness community and car dealerships are supported in times of hardship by it, and steps are taken towards the reduction of air pollution. Now who could hate that? Well Fox News self professed ‘rodeo clown’ Glenn Beck as well as Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle, and New Deal basher Jonah Goldberg; who sat doing the only thing they seem to know how to do; comparing the present day United States government to Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Beck says that a viewer told him that on the government Cars website, that discloses guidelines and information about cash for clunkers, it is said that as a result of participating in the program your personal computer and its contents are the property of the Fedreal government and they now own your computer. Repeatedly Beck urges people not to go to to check for themselves.

A real cracker jack investigative team you got there Beck. This segment was talked about by my grandparents who are ardent Beck watchers this weekend when I visited them and they thought it was true. I myself wondered about it and it sounded far fetched to me so I checked on the site and saw nothing. Then the Daily Kos also debunked Beck’s paranoid warnings, stating that the site where the warning appears is not (dispite the logo that says CARS in the corner of the page, but The message is the terms of use on a login page for users on the site and the only users who can log into the site are car dealers, ho have been vetted and are registered participants in the cars for clunkers program, not consumers. Even the conservative site Little Green Footballs acknowledges Beck is off the reservation on this one.

1. If you are a consumer visiting (the “cash for clunkers” website) the Federal government cannot take control over your computer, nor will it ask permission to do so.

2. The “Terms of Use” statement to which Beck refers in this clip is not from Rather it is a login page for dealer transactions located at

3. The only people who can get login credentials for the site are dealers who have been screened and registered for the “cash for clunkers” program.

4. To summarize: the page in question isn’t on and can only be used by dealers who have already registered. Consumers won’t be impacted by any of this.

But if we included facts rather then absurdities woven together into one big paranoid delusion, Glenn Beck wouldn’t have an excuse to compare the President and America to Nazi Germany. Listening to these guys one would think that the worst thing Hitler and the Third Reich did was not the countless invasions and the atrocities of the holocaust, but massive government spending,healthcare, and a cars for clunkers style program.



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