What’s the Matter with Texas?

In stupidity, War on the rational/ logic on August 30, 2009 by Editor Z

“I Love my country always, my government when it deserves it, and the President occasionally” Mark Twain once said. A country and its people and the government of a given country are often not the same thing. One can agree that one can be critical of an administration or government well still being proud of one’s country’s, its features, and the ideals it espouses and the history it has lived and written.

Having said that secession is one measure that severs ones ties not only with their government but also their country. In Texas, Gov Rick Perry (R-TX) has used the term “states rights” as a rallying cry at conservative gatherings, seeking the mantle of the new Jefferson Davis with better hair.

Now some conservatives, including one right wing Christian activist who calls for the execution of gays (if only Iran was a Christian instead of an Islamic theocracy it sounds like this guy would feel right at home) call for secession from the United States and in some instances even say they “hate the United States”.

For some folks in Texas, the prospect of a universal health care scheme isn’t just cause for protest and debate — it’s reason enough to secede from the United States altogether.

Some 200 people rallied at the State Capitol in Austin on Saturday, a small but vocal crowd that set itself in opposition to pro-health care reform protesters.

Larry Kilgore, a Christian activist that the Texas Observer says has advocated execution for homosexuals, “drew some murmurs of disapproval” when he told the crowd: “I hate that flag up there. … I hate the United States government. … They’re an evil, corrupt government. They need to go. Sovereignty is not good enough. Secession is what we need!”

“We hate the United States!” he declared later in his address.

What gets me is this is the region of the country, such as during the Civil rights movement, they are the first to label others as anti-American; when some of these characters are willing to abandon it.



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