Bardwell, Defends His Refusal to Perform Marriage Ceremony for Interracial Couple

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Not been blogging much lately, as I have been sick with a mean sinus infection complicated by my asthma and a possible cold and as of this posting still am.

Anyway there have been more developments in the case of Keith Bardwell, the Justice of the Peace in Louisiana who refused to perform a marriage ceremony for a mixed race couple because he was convinced that it would be harmful for the children. That there parents’ mixed racial and ethnic heritage would open them up to rejection (likely from people who would have you know prevented them from being born in wed lock if you get my drift).

Anyway, a credit to both Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) have both come out and called for Bardwell to resign his position over the radical notion that somehow the function of a public official invested with the power and responsibility is to enforce the law.

Bardwell, however insists he does not have the power to deny anyone a marriage license, just to perform the ceremony and that he told them where they could have such a ceremony performed.

He also insists in the interview on the CBS Early Show posted above, that everyone hates him now, and that he didn’t mean to offend the couple, and he was just trying to do them and any children they may possibly have in the future a favor by refusing to perform such a ceremony. He also says that because he informed the couple of where they could get married, this whole issue should now go away.

Now if this sanctimonious, preachy bumpkin wants to hold that segregationist mindset that is primitive, disgusting, and evidence that some are now able to keep up with the changing standards of decency and tolerance in society that is fine. Deplorable and I would be both offended and humiliated to have him represent my parish at any level, but those are his personal “beliefs” and those can’t and shouldn’t be forcefully changed. Despite that, he can be demanded and should to enforce the law as required or resign. And if he doesn’t do either, he should be forced from office.

When did that somehow become a radical notion?

Update: In other angry white man news, the anger and xenophobia of white bread conservatives like Pat Buchannan does not seem to be abating. In his latest screed the columnist, MSNBC analyst, and three time far right third party paleoconservative goes on to bemoan the demise of prayer in schools and rail against 1960s radicals who started riots, and struck on campus; (this from a guy who was part of the Nixon administration who sought to efface entire parts of the constitution, recklessly extended the Vietnam war into Cambodia and Laos, overthrew a democratically albeit socialist government in Chile to install one of the 20th century’s most despotic mad men, and dragged the office of the president of the United States down to the level of a two bit burglar).

He also goes on with his rhetoric with a zeal that is more George Wallace then George Washington, fulminating that Americas racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural make-up are evolving with age. Pat as always keepin it classy. I would say that this sort of nonsense would be deposited with once his generation dies off to put it bluntly, but much of these racist mindsets were thought to have expired long ago. But Bardwell, Buchannan, and a collection of others who have recently surfaced show that the death of racism has been greatly exaggerated.



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