Scott Speaks Out

In Iraq War, jerks, neoconservatives, politics on May 29, 2008 by Editor Z

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan who served in that position for three years and was one of the members of Bush’s Texas inner circle, released his memoir entitled “What Happened” this week.

Last Night the, released excerpts that were a scathing indictment of the administration’s strategy for governing, a tendency to place political gain over the good of public policy, the Iraq War, what he considers to be “propaganda” used to sell the war to the American public, Bush’s poor response to Hurricane Katrina, and the Valrie Plame Leak Case amongst other things.

Here is one of many damning indictments against the Bush administration.

It was the decision to go to war in Iraq that pushed the Bush Presidency off course. It was a fateful misstep based on a confluence of events (the shock of 9/11 and our surprisingly– and deceptively– quick initial military success in Afghanistan), human nature (ambition, certitude, and self-deceit), and a divinely inspired passion (President Bush’s deeply held belief that all people have a God-given right to live in freedom). For Bush, removing the “grave and gathering danger” that Iraq supposedly posed was primarily a means for achieving the far more grandiose objective of reshaping the Middle East as a region of peaceful Democracies.

This Utopian idea is not surprising to have been a motive for the neoconservatives. It has been speculated and suspected and known for years. Now after being lied and coerced into believing that WMDs and false Al-Queda connections, more than 4,000 soldiers have been killed, for a reason other then what the President told them. Not only that around 20,000 have been wounded or mutilated, 40,000 traumatized with post dramatic stress disorder, Al-Queda emboldened, the U.S reputation in tatters, and billions (even up to three trillion dollars when it all ends), for an illusion and an ego boast to Bush. Hope is feeling well, while others fight valiantly and die for his gross distortions.

More on this later


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