More from the Pitchfork Palinites

In 2008 Presidential Elections, blogs, politics, shameful, stupidity on October 15, 2008 by Editor Z

The hostility towards Obama is growing shriller by the day. Here is a list of the dispicable incidents involving unhinged conservatives.

> Crooks and Liars: Rush limbaugh Says Obama is Part of Young Blacks being trained to hate America.

> Times Tribune: Another “Kill Him” cry at a McCain/Palin rally. Nice huh.

> Think progress: Conservative preacher says God’s credibility at stake if Obama is elected.

> Christian Ohioans Against Baby Murdering Muslims for President?

> In Missouri, Obama yard sign burned to the ground.

> Gawker and Alan Colmes: Treash talker Bill Cunningham says if Obama loses blacks will burn 100 cities to the ground.

> Fox News: ‘Waterboard Obama’ graphic removed from California Republican Party site. Someone might want to remind these idiots that the Japanese faced war crimes trials for waterboarding, so in esscence they are endorsing the views of the World War II era Japanese Millitary. Everyone make sure you keep the California Republicans away from Pearl Harbor. Just Kidding.
This will be updated frequently.

> LA Times: California Republican Women’s club puts picture of Obama on fake dollar bill alongside pictures of ribs, watermelon, and fried chicken and says that if Obama is President his face will appear on food stamps. Yeah Republicans, the Party of Lincoln.



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